My designs are created using aluminum wire and sheets. This material has proven to be very versatile and has a remarkable contemporary appeal. Some of the best features of my pieces are that each one is lightweight, easy to clean, durable, will not tarnish, and resemble silver in their color and shine. 
This amazing material is combined with one of a kind fused glass cabochons, ceramic stones and genuine leather. This provides for the uniqueness of each piece. Each one of the glass pieces is fused with compatible glass “96” in patterns of three to five layers and then annealed to give the pendant shine and strength. The process can take up to two days depending on the complexity of the design. 
The pieces are then placed in a kiln, specifically designed for glass fusing, and are placed in the fire for about an hour at 1,500˚F. The length of the firing process depends on the size of the pieces. In some cases, I would re-fire a piece either because I want a different effect or, because I decide to add more glass to it.
The best reward I can get is for people to tell me just how much they love a piece of jewelry I may be wearing and being able to tell them that I had created it myself. I like it even more, if customers tell me that they have been complimented on the jewelry they have bought from me.
All my pieces are one of a kind and ideas for new designs are always growing in my mind.